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What’s Up: Watercolor Challenge

I’ve been following some Russian watercolor artist in Instagram. Their works are so great and perfect! They’re good at Urban Sketcking and Plein Air painting. How I wish I could paint like them!!(sorry I can’t post pictures of their works here)

Hmmm…what if I try to paint like them? Sounds like a challenge.I don’t normally follow a technique when it comes to painting. I just dip the paintbrush, figure out the color and paint! Let’s see how it will turn out with thia challenge!

Alright, so the challenge is to  study and master (if kaya) painting water reflections. Ha! Looks easy, but honestly I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do the reflection part. (If you’re reading this and you have some techniques, please feel free to comment! Thank you in advance ☺). So this is the first try:image

And this is the second one ☺ image

This is the most recent:


I still need more studying and more practice! ☺

Here a slideshow of how my most recent painting was done.

P.S. i’ll post slideshow in the mean time. I’ll upload videos soon 🙂


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