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To the tune of:Lifehouse Live in Manila

Okay, so a lot has been going these past few days that I didn’t have time to post my thoughts.( I was trapped in the deadly routine of sleep and work.)

Let me start by blogging about this band. Lifehouse. I’m one hell of a storyteller, so let me give you a summary of how I met this band (not in person though, how I wish).

Year 2012, my boyfriend/suitor at that time asked me out on a date. He bought 2 tickets to the Lifehouse concert. I said yes, without really knowing who they were. All I know is their song “You and Me” and “Hanging by a Moment”. I did my research and listened to some of their songs. I didn’t appreciate it that much because I was not into alternative rock at that time.

The day of the concert came, May 26, 2012. It was my first time to watch a concert. :)(thank you honey for that experience😚😚😚) All I can say is wow! Jason Wade’s voice is as good as the recorded one.I was speechless. I enjoyed every second of that concert. They mentioned that it was their second time to perform in Manila. The first one was in 2008. I thought, they’ll be back again, maybe after 4 years again. I told my boyfriend that if ever we’re still together as a couple when they come back, we’ll watch them whatever it takes. That was a promise!✋💑




Hit the forward button. Year 2015, one of our friends and previous SME at the office, tagged me in a Facebook post. Lifehouse live in Manila. October 8 at the Mall of Asia arena. I was “what??! this is too early”. I’ve been checking the seats for months, making sure that seats are still available when I have the money. Our finances during that time were not in good terms. But we made a promise. We’re still together and if it weren’t for their songs, we won’t be together. Thank goodness, we found a way to watch it. It was as nice as the previous one, although we’re not allowed to stand (sucks). Same thing happened. I didn’t appreciate their Out of the Wasteland album but after hearing them live, I can’t stop listening to their songs.


I used one of their songs to practice writting using a nib. This picture was taken when I first started using Nikko G nib. That’s my normal handwritting 😁


And here’s another artwork inspired by one of their songs:

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What’s Up: Watercolor Challenge

I’ve been following some Russian watercolor artist in Instagram. Their works are so great and perfect! They’re good at Urban Sketcking and Plein Air painting. How I wish I could paint like them!!(sorry I can’t post pictures of their works here)

Hmmm…what if I try to paint like them? Sounds like a challenge.I don’t normally follow a technique when it comes to painting. I just dip the paintbrush, figure out the color and paint! Let’s see how it will turn out with thia challenge!

Alright, so the challenge is to  study and master (if kaya) painting water reflections. Ha! Looks easy, but honestly I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do the reflection part. (If you’re reading this and you have some techniques, please feel free to comment! Thank you in advance ☺). So this is the first try:image

And this is the second one ☺ image

This is the most recent:


I still need more studying and more practice! ☺

Here a slideshow of how my most recent painting was done.

P.S. i’ll post slideshow in the mean time. I’ll upload videos soon 🙂

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What’s on my mind?

Hoooooray! I have a blog!! (Now what??)..okay…keep calm tetay!  Finally, I have a place for these words swimming inside my brain! I plan to use this blog to show my artworks, meet other artists, sell my works (if anyone’s interested) and blog about things that inspire me which includes occasional  travel escapades 😀🗿🗽🗼🗻 I can’t promise to post daily, as I have a full-time job (please check my bio if you are curious). So there…I think this is my first blog entry. 😀😆

Beautiful mess. My paintbrush and my prang watercolor set of 8.

Beautiful mess. My paintbrush and my prang watercolor set of 8.